It,  we all know what it is don’t we? 

You think you’re safe, you think you’re healthy, you do your best to limit your sexual partners and if you don’t want to limit them, at least you’re careful with them, as careful as you can be that is.

And then you get the call, or the message…. “hey you might want to get looked at. This might be something”.  Nothing like those words to make you stop and take a closer look and see the amazing  moments in your life that you may have been missing.  

Scary- yes. Life ending- nope.

Relationship ending- Not on this end, I just found it and it is awesome- why the hell would I walk away from that over a scare? Or even if it is something worse- why would I walk away from the thing that makes me feel oh so very loved?

Time and doctors will tell what is going on, but you have to wait for that. 

You have to wait and not make any rash (pardon the pun) decisions.

 You have to wait and realize the important things in your life that mean so much to you, are still going to be here when the wait is over and the doctor tells you what to expect.  They will still be there. Because you are that special to them and mean so much also.

life changes even when you don’t want it to, but not all changes are bad- you just have work a little harder to get through. 

Scary -yes…. but all growth is. 


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