The 1st Time

We all have that 1st time.

 The 1st time we smile at a guy, the 1st date, 1st kiss, 1st time walking into a sex shop with the man you are falling in love with (but haven’t told him anything about that).

You see we were there to do yet another new thing, I was there with him to by a real butt toy, not one of those little “fun toys” that don’t even really work, but a true butt toy that would be ours. 

We looked at several different types, styles, and sizes. I tried to convince him tiny would be best but thank goodness he wasn’t buying that!  Got the cutest little 3 ball purple one that didn’t  scare me to try! 

Oh my gosh, where do i even start about how good that evening felt? The long slow kisses? The touches that spoke volumes about romance? His voice when he asked if I was ready? Or the sound of “you can trust me” when he told me to move my ass up? 

The feeling of his fingers on me, that pressure of the first small ball pressing on my tight asshole, that first shot of pain and then pleasure, as he pushed the small one in and gave me time to get for the second larger ball. 

I remember how I jumped as this ball joined the smaller one in my still so tight ass and moaned in pleasure as I felt the last and largest ball pressing against me demanding entrance. 

All I wanted to do was cum right then and there as he played with my ass with that toy and I knew that I was hooked!! 

I lost count how many times I came and soaked his bed that night, but what I do remember  is how I never wanted his hands to stop touching me. 

I remember how it felt when he slowly slid each ball out of my sweet ass and the fear/excitement I felt when he said I was ready for a larger one as he started to slide a larger toy in my slutty tight ass and smiled as it gobbled the toy up like the sweest candy in town.

My body was in pure pleasure as he fucked my ass with that toy. I just wanted more and more,  my body could not stop twitching and cumming as he made sure that my ass knew who owned it from now on.

This couldnt get any better could it? Oh but it did, you see, he rolled me over on my back (my favorite position with him because i can kiss him, see him,  be with him as his body takes mine to places others have only dreamed of getting to visit)  and slid deep inside of my wet pink pussy, as he smiled down at me.

That is when my body decided it was past time for a true hard orgasm, all those hard little ones were fun,  but the pleasure was just too much to control and I lost it. Cum pushed out of me so hard that I could feel it flowing up under me to almost my neck, and my ass pushed the toy out as my pussy tried to push his amazing cock out of me. 

He just held on and enjoyed the ride as this big gorgeous girl of his shot off into pure bliss outer space where stars bursted in all sorts of colors and all thoughts were washed away in streams of cum.

I could feel his body pull away from mine, could feel him cleaning me up, could hear his voice reassure me that he was still there with me, that everything was ok, to relax, 

As he laid down beside me and wrapped his strong arms around me, my body begin to come back to earth, and my heart tried to convince my brain it was really ok to let it be in control for a while, that this was the right time to stop building walls around it and let it feel these feelings.

 My brain was in total agreement as my eyes slid shut and I got lost in  what felt just right.


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