Something serious 

So today I need to journal about something a little more serious, it is about my boss and my job and how lost I feel lately there.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love my job very much. However every since Barb took over as my boss, I feel like I have to cover my assevery day.

 I feel like what I do is never going to be good enough and I know that no matter what I do-  she is going to gossip to the other girls about it it makes me not trust her and makes me not want to talk to her about anything.

 I can’t stand the micromanagement, Iowa’s doing amazing job of myself for quite a while and then they run into ladies Danielle and Presley to try to help me. 

It seems like Barb automatically took to them and wanted nothing to do with me, so I just stayed in my cube and did my work quietly.

I listened to both those girls talk about how they had nothing to do or how bored  they were as I worked my ass off, and at the same time, I watch them both advance in their careers. 

There was even a  job that was perfect  for me,  it was in contracts and procurements, things I know how to do so well; however, I did not even get an interview. that job was made for Danielle and when she turned it down they ended up giving it to Sonia.

I am still having to train Sonia on how to do her job  and now even though she is a HSC 1, she is not doing the procurement she’s just tracking them

I am on probation until june and i know Barb would love to see me out of there so that Danielle can have her old job back- mine

I need to start staying on track with my work, stop worring about if she likes or or if she gossips about me and just make it thro June before I can apply for a different position.

I can do that. But sometimes I swear I am hitting burn out and I just want to run away. 


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