I want you

When I say I want you it means I want both parts of you – your happy side, your sad side, you. I want to be able to support you when you need that little extra boost and give you joy!

I want that sweet soft romantic man that you are. The way your hands slowly touchs my hair, the way you look in my eyes right before you kiss me, the way you lean your head down and put your lips on my lips as your hand slides up to my neck, and into my hair.

I want that man that looks down at me and smiles just as he starts tending my shirt and reaches hands down to touch my beautiful breasts, I want to feel you when you take my shirt off, when you take my bra off, I want to see you when you stand back and look at me, your big beautiful gorgeous girl

I love how you lead me to the bed, you lay me down on my back, curl up next to my body and you kiss me. It Thrills me to no end when I feel your hands all these beautiful tits, when I can feel your hands slowly slide down to my belly button, when I feel you kiss my whole chest down to my belly, down to this gorgeous pussy. I can feel this beautiful clit start to throb just thinking about how good it feels when you touch me,  when I can feel your fingers part in these lips to expose that pink luscious pussy for you.

I crave how it feels when you climb on top of me, when you put your body on top of mine, your thighs between mine,  how good it feels when I can feel you slowly starting to slide inside of me – stretching these lips around your head, God I love the way that feels.

I love the way you make love to me, I love the way you make me feel like a beautiful beautiful woman, I love you.

But you see, I don’t just  want that side of you, there’s a side that Sparks me, that makes me want to beg you to hurt me.

There’s this part of you that-when I stand up and look in your eyes, I can see that you want to own me and I crave it so badly.

That part of you that slides your hand in the back of my hair and grabs it, you look down at me and you give me that smile that tells me I’m in for a hell of a ride it makes me want to serve you.

I want to feel your hands ripping these clothes off, I want to see that smile on your face when you slide between my legs and you force yourself inside of me, hard and deep.

You see Darling, I want all of you. I want that soft romantic, I want that man that’s going to grab me by the hair and prove to me that I’m worth being his and he is worth having me.


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