Diary of a phone girl

Working as a phone  sex operator isn’t  always as easy as it sounds! 

Sure, there are those call where are you can sit in the chair,  you can check your phone,  you can say yeah oh yeah, I like that. While the person on the other side of the call is pleasuring himself and telling you what he would do with his tongue.

And there are those calls were you are  on the bed with your hand down your panties playing with your clit,  telling that man- or woman- what you would be doing to their sweet body with your beautiful mouth, because why waste a good fantasy not enjoying yourself  when you can come so hard in your mind and with your body just by closing your eyes and going along with the other person enjoying the fanasties with you? Those are my absolute favorite calls.

Or better yet- those calls ahere you get to dwell in the deepest darkest taboos that that caller only shares with you because they know (believe anyways) that you share that same dark place and they feel welcome to go there with you as their companion!  

But that is a story for next time – this time we’re going to talk about those calls that turn out to be more mental than sexual,

You know we all think that in this job is you talk on the phone, you play with your clit, you verbally jerk them off and you come,  then you hang up. But that’s not always true. We get to know the guys and girls and we become therapists also sometimes.

I will never mention names;  however,  I have to talk about this call ! You see this young man, when he was a boy he walk by his parents room and saw Mommy doing exercises. 

Now why a woman would be on her bed doing exercises with her door open, lifting her legs up in the air, spread in the air and open them wide to stretch them,  then close them and slowly slide them down her bed without her underwear sounds more to me like she was trying to get off then exercise but this man still thinks his mommy was exercising !!

You see he walked by, he saw that and he got the biggest boner of his life !! but he didn’t know what to do with it, poor boy- he went in his bedroom and sat there wondering all day long what are he should do with that boner because he never had one before,

It wasn’t until the next time he saw mom in the kitchen lifting her skirt up and bending over to touch her toes that he realized hey this is wrong and hot and oh my god my dick is hard again! 

He said the first time he masturbated he felt so guilty and so shameful it lived with him for the rest of his life.

Of course we talked about why you shouldn’t be ashamed of what your body does, and of course we talked about why certain older women do exercises that happens to show off her ass, we did all the teletherapy talk, but come on you know me- this big beautiful  nympho couldn’t help but go there! 

Before the end of the call,  I had him walk up behind me, as I was bending over to touch my toes, and slide in that hard cock deep in my tight ass! He kept saying how wrong it was,  how bad he felt and I kept telling him to keep fucking me harder. The more shame he felt for enjoying thinking about fucking his mom, the harder I had him do it and the dirtier  our conversation got. 

 I could hear him stroking his cock, his breath coming now in gasps and moans, and as he sped up his strokes getting closer and closer to blowing his hot cum all over himself, fantasizing about sliding all the way balls deep in that tight ass  i told him tocall me Mommy!!

That did it! He was screaming out his orgasm and btween the grunts, groans and little screams i could hear him saying “god yes mommy, your sshole is so good” which made this bad lady shove her fingers down next her clt and finger out an orgasm to match his!!!

And as bad as I am for making him do that,  I’m also a real good woman,  I laid him down against my chest, I had him picture his head laying against my breast as I ran my hands through his hair and let him catch his breath. I told him what he did was not bad,   he’s a good man just living out a fantasy and he had no right to have shame or guilt come into his brain. They did not belong there,

Before I knew it, he was crying and  releasing all of that crap he had stored growing up telling him he was wrong- he was bad for having a fantasy. It was a fantasy and not all fantasies are bad, as long as we keep them between consenting adults and that’s exactly what we were.

That turned out to be one of my better calls,  so I hope this interested you in the life of a phone girl and  you come back to read more,  you see there’s so many more tales I have to tell you


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