Pet peeves!!!!

Some are simple little ones- damn car that leaves the blinker on for 3 miles in front of you!  

When you’re in the parking lot and you back out people see you  backing out,  but yet still continue to walk behind your car assuming that you’re going to stop, I really hate that one

The car across the street that does not know how ro operate its own alarm system!

Grandbaby that says “thank you but no thank you”  when you try to put her to bed.

Others are more complex-

Someone shhhhing you when you try to talk- unless you are just being a worried girl and have said rhe same thing over and over again- in that case I deserve a shhhhh,  girl you just shut your mouth and will gladly accept it.

And the hardest one for me- not knowing  the words you want to say to express something that is important to you.

Such as when I want to tell someone that I am so happy and yet so scared at the same time because I love with my full heart like really deeply love when I do know that is is mutual.


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