Why does it come to us only after making silly mistakes? Maybe because otherwise we would not learn.

“Accept what is”   Right here, right now. We only gave this moment so be in this moment. I love my boyfriend says ” and for the foreseeable future” because the future is never promised to us but right now is, so stop fucking wasting it on “time wasting future tripping”.

“Let go of what was”. Talk about a waste of time -worrying if you had said the right thing, did the right things, if your partner is finished with you because you were in subspace and started begging him to love you when he already does!  Stop wasting your time worrying about what was! It was and you can’t go back and change it.  You.also can’t go back and relive it, so let those great loves of your past, and bad heartaches, be just that- of your past. Stop wasting your precious today talking about yesterday.

“Have faith in what could be” – now here’s  the kicker huh? You stop reliving in the past, you stop wasting your “today time” worrying about the future,  and you just have faith that what is good right now in your life is going to be just as good, if not better, in the next few moments. 

One friend of mine used to say- stop whining about yesterday, it is done. Stop bitching about today, like it- then enjoy it; don’t like it-then change it.Stop worrying about tomorrow cuz you only have this time that your eyes are open right now so be quiet and have the belief that if your eyes are still open in five more moments those next five moments are going to be awesome!!!!!

Doing just that right now, just enjoying the moments!!!!!


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