Three ways, two days

So much to write about but not sure where all to start? 

BF and I took a trip took a trip to see his wife, it was awesome.  Laughed so hard at date-rape drug  jokes – maybe too hard at some 🙂

Faced some punishment and wow, that was a long 30 minutes, but drove the point of proper behavior home real fast!   

Fulfilled fanasties I have craved and some I didn’t even know I had.

But also got to know these two really cool people better, and really got to connect and bond in the rain, with the BF.

Those last two days changed my life in three ways

 1. Knowledge that I am loved and I don’t  need to always say the words, he knows., and so do I when I look in his eyes.

2. Experiencing gags, 30 mins of little voice commands, hands around my throat while knowing that the driver in the black truck might have been able to see, feeling like one of the hottest subs around as his hands laid that leather against my ass. 

3. Relationships aren’t all bad, those that were are over and will not come up again- they are buried. Relationships- both as in friendship and in an amazing sexual way, really do get better with communication and cuddles.


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