Being a little

I have a little in me, she is that part of me that still believes every thing is going to work out and be alright, as long as we so our best and try to stay positive.

I am a grown smart woman, but this side keeps me balanced and if I don’t let that side express itself, them I am setting myself up for a real bad day.

I don’t get a lot of time to let her out to play so sometimes she comes out when I am super relaxed – like after a wonderful bout of bdsm play or a great movie, or great sex or just when I am free to laugh and have fun.

But other times, that super vulnerable part of me comes out and all I want is reassurance that I am right where I am supposed to be, that I am safe and loved and wanted.  That part came out after a wonderful get away with my BF, But it was when he was in the middle of fucking me into the mattress  and I was flying! Every deep pound inside of me opened me up deeper and deeper to him and – I am super embarrassed to admit that I was begging him to love me.  He did the best thing ever – kept fucking me into the mattress and told me why he loves me. It was amazing.  And we didn’t make a big deal about it 🙂

I just gave my inner little time on Sunday to come out and play- coloring, being silly, and then did massive journaling as that is what helps with bringing both sides back in balance.  And helps with the secondary drop I sometimes seem to get a few days after bdsm (and or couple) play.

I don’t usually talk to anyone about this drop because – well I was trained to be quiet and just deal with it, took Dean months to convince me that I could talk about it, and I still haven’t talked to MHM that I love about it,  which I will do because he needs to know, I just didn’t want to be a pain and he seemed really busy lately with home and work, but date night is coming up soon 🙂

Being a little in a grown up world isn’t easy but it is part of what makes me who I am too:)


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