There are so many different types of screams; there are those of pain, those of fear and also those of pleasure. 

My favorite types of screams that I love to hear are those that are filled with pleasure mixed with pain and a touch of strength shining thro.

Those screams you hear right after seeing the belt hit her skin and watch as her body works hard to transfer that pain into a pleasure and strains against rolling over or begging to stop.

When her mouth opens in that silent scream that you know is building up, the way she slides her lips between her teeth and starts to bite them, trying to fight off the scream. It is a struggle you know she won’t win. 

When her eyes suddenly open wide and then slowly slide back under her heavy lids-that is when you know you have truly reached her pleasure point.

The scream that starts as a quiet moan starts to shake her whole body as it forces itself way out of her tightly closed lips. 

You can hear her voice crack as she leans her head down to bite the pillow and screams through the pain allowing her body. to transform into your instrument for your own pleasure and release.

You listen as the scream starts to fade back into that sweet lust-filled moan. 

You watch as her body takes on a glow and welts form under her skin that will so nicely bruise shortly. 

You feel her body start to untense and relax like warm pudding right before  you smile to yourself and raise that leather belt up in the air to start her screams all over again.


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