When I am with you,

It’s not about sex.

It’s about feeling.

It’s about heat.

It’s about feeling that moment when you run your nails down my back and I cry out.

It’s about feeling the way my body becomes limp when you pull my hair back to expose my throat for your desires.

It’s about feeling the flutter of my pulse against your lips when you kiss my neck.

It’s about that whimper when your teeth bite down on the curve of my neck and I feel
your hot breath against my skin.

It’s about feeling the tensing of my body as you pull it hard against yours and you let your feral nature out to play.

It’s about feeling claw and bite marks as you decorate every part of my body- marking me as yours and making me squirm.

It’s about knowing that you are doing nothing to restrain me, but that my need to please you keeps me in my place.

It’s about the taste of your sweat on your lips when you kiss me, the feel of your skin on mine as you touch me, the
scent of your hair as you lean down to make sure I am ok, and knowing that your body aches, but you still want
more of what I crave to give you.

It’s knowing that I am
completely unrepentantly yours.

No, it’s not about sex.

You see, It’s about so much, much more. It is about how words go away and we operate on just feelings when I am with you.


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