Pure bliss

Eskelde curled up under Maestre’s  arm as they watched movies and just spent time together. She wished she could help him deal with what he was going through, but knew this was a walk he had to do on his own with her quiet support.

He said there would be no play time tonight and she was quite content to just spend time with his arm around her, but there was a private struggle going on inside of her.

She selfishly knew what she could to offer him to help him with his struggles, the same thing that she craved to help her center herself again, her body.

Her body to be to be used as a release, to be used as a crutch while he physically beat out his frustrations. But would he know that he was giving her what she needed also?

She needed that pain to reset her inner power core, to reconnect with her strong submissive side that sets her life in order because she knows she could handle anything, if she could handle him.

She could have purred as Maestre rubbed the back of her neck and played with her hair. Leaning back in his strong hand, she smiled when he asked if she wanted to go to bed. “Yes, Maestre” was the only thing she could say before he lead her into the bed room

Laying on that bed she prepared herself for what she thought was  to be coming soon, but there was no preparing for what was to follow. 

She closed her eyes she as his body come up to stand beside her. She took a deep breath and  felt his hands rub her ass as he told her to get on that bed on her knees, lift that skirt up, and be ready. 

The first hit of the belt across her ass cheek sent the chills down her body, the second was harder and the third  harder still.  

 She laid there taking it all, enjoying every moment of that pain because she knew that she was helping her Dom work out all his frustration and find his inner peace once again.

 She had no idea how much time had passed, how many hits with her flogger or lashes with his belt had graced her skin all she knew was the multi-colored bliss she was currently floating in when she heard his voice telling that he loved her and to get up on her knees.

As she slid up to rest her body upon her knees, she spread he legs wide apart for her Sir, one last hard belt lash came that hit right between her thighs and landed right on her wet pussy lips, sending a shock wave of pain rushing thro her body that she had no chance to process before her body fell to the bed, curled up , amd her safeword came screaming from her mouth. 

Maestre dropped the belt, came up to lay beside her curling her body sore body up against his and let her float. Even though that last lash of his belt hurt, it sent her right over that wall she had been bumping against all night. It was just what she needed to find heaven.

And heaven it was, as she laid there coming back down to earth, she knew tight there and then – this was the man she was meant to serve for as long as he would have her.


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