We all know it is the one thing that is certain in life, but we never know when it is going happen and that is the kicker. You think you have all the time in the world and then one day it is gone. 

You wake up one day thinking about all the stuff you need to do, plan for the future, and worry about a thousand other thing; but the next day you don’t wake up at all. You totally wasted that day and for what- something that is never promised

My friend died today and even though he creeped me out at times-he was someone  I knew, I laughed with, I even kissed before . I love his girlfriend and feel so bad for her. She loves him so much. 

He was younger than me but heavier.  

I woke up today – worried about this and that, would today would bring, wrapped up with my own world. 

I worked, I walked, I felt loved, I woke up today. 


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