Blab blab blab

That is so how I have been feeling the last couple days and I don’t know why.  OK,  maybe a bit of the lonely kicking in. 

Had an amazing game night with Maestre on Friday, it was so much fun. Then kissed him good night and sent him on his way to welcome his awesome wife home. Last Saturday night went over to friends, alot of feelings still around that including some loss feelings, guess I have more to journal about that whole adventure. 

Going up to watch movies tomorrow night and am so excited to get to see them again, and then comes the growth in poly part.

 He finally gets to go see his long distance love.  I am so happy for him because you can see the love in his eyes when he talks about here. 

Iknow I can contact him but also know that this is her week finally and so no contact back. I really do love that because she more than deserves his attention and it is so nice to watch this. 

I guess I am just the blahs today again, but really I should be proud today- met my challenges for this week 🙂  I am enjoying my true feeling  about things.  

Maybe I just need a hug, some cuddles, a little extra  time, but also I just need to acknowledge that I am tired; need to clean my room,  my space, so I can clear my thoughts too. 


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