Craving you

Hold me closer, fuck me harder.

Make me scream your name as you slide inside of me.

I want to feel your hands holding me down, feel your lips demanding my kisses as your cock is demanding entrance into my sweet pussy.

Want to feel your heart pounding in your chest as your body is pounding
hard against mine. 

Want to hear your breath catch in your throat as you
cut off mine. 

Feeling your hand around my throat as I see that look of
intense pleasure in your eyes right before mine slide shut and I slip into subspace and cum trying to scream. 

Waking up to feel you still slowly siding your softening, cum-coated, cock deep inside of my used pussy is one of the best feelings in the world- but
you always have ways of making it even better.

 The way you wrap me up in
your arms, kiss my forehead, tell me I was a good girl and made you so very proud makes me want to cum all over again,  right there just being held.

I adore you my Sir. 


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