It has been… 

24 hours and one year ago since you took your love away from me- 

Sitting here listening to Prince’s “nothing compares to you” remembering how one year ago at this time before bed, I was listening to this song thinking of Prince’s passing away  and Larry’s leaving. 

I have loved Prince’s music for a very long time, since I was a teenager. I had his posters up on my “teenage girl” bedroom wall and spent more than a few evenings laying in my bed having “alone time” thinking of him in the “when doves cry” video. 

I met Larry the summer of 2008, at the hardwood cabin. A sex positive club that I had heard about. He was the 1st man to say hello to me on my very 1st day there. We talked and talked. Before I left to be with someone else, we kissed. After I was the other person,  he was waiting for me. We spent the next 5 hrs making out and playing with each other’s bodies. We could not get enough of each other. 

I grew up, I listened to other music,  became a  fan of the hair bands of the 80’s, had babies in the 90s, got busy living my life but every time one of his songs would come on,  it would make me smile. It would make me remember how much fun I had as a teenager listening to him. 

I was with Larry for many years through many things,  I thought that no matter what we would always be together.  Boy was on a damn fool You see I found out that his wife didn’t know about us, he lied. How did I find this out?  One night in a hotel he thanked me for being convenient and left. That was the last word he said to me except for three weeks later, when we finally were able to talk. He said he needed a clean break because his wife found out and I wasn’t that important. 

I got to work the next day and that’s when I found out Prince had died. 

It hurts growing up and having to learn how to say goodbye but you need to say goodbye in order to say hello to much better things in your life. 


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