Meet me by your door when you come home after a long day at work.

Reach out and stroke my face with your fingertips before sliding your hand around to the back of my neck to wrap in my hair as your other hand reaches out to wrap around my throat.

 Squeeze it tightly, you know how that puts me right into a wild submissive state and you can already smell my body surrendering to your desires.

Slide your mouth gently over my collarbone, graze it with your teeth. Bring your lips up to my ear, whisper softly “tonight, you are all mine bitch.”

Walk me into the bedroom, stand me there as you slowly take off my clothes. Kissing each part of my skin as it is revealed to you. Take my shoulders and push me down onto the bed so that your cock is even with my mouth.

Lift my chin up with your fingers and smile at me as you slowly guide you that gorgeous cock into my lips. Stand there and enjoy your own personal slut as I worship your cock with my red lips and hot wet mouth.

Just as I am about to cum from from pleasing you,  reach back to pull my head back by my hair and tell me to lay back on that soft bed.

Run your fingertips down my body slowly, stopping every once in a while to kiss where you touched.

Part my legs gently and run your tongue along my lips until I am begging to please please taste me, at that moment dive in and eat this pussy like it is your last meal on earth.

Own this clit with your teeth as your fingers start to enter me, look up and see my eyes roll in the back of my head as my legs start to shake, my ass tightens and I coat your face with my cum.

Smile down at me as you slide up my body and then side your cock deep inside of my still clenching cunt. Moan as I start to lick my juices off of your lips and then say no.

One hand holding my wrists down, one hand wrapped tightly around my throat, you look down at me as you are deeply thrusting inside of me. Stare at me as you growl out “MIne” and feel me cum once again even harder all over your cock, balls, and thighs.

Hold me down tight as your words throw me over the edge, repeating then as I scream out and ride the most intense orgasm of the night. Growl “Mine” again right before you lean down to leave your bitemark deep on my chest and cum deep in of me.

Hold me close as my eyes slide shut and whisper in my ear that you love me as I drift off to sleep. Promise me next time you will mark every inch of my body as yours with your belt and kiss me before tucking me in tightly and leaving the bedroom.

I so adore you and every touch you leave on my skin.


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