Under the moon

I wonder if the person standing there doing their dishes with their window open only knew what was going on just a few feet away?

 If they had heard the soft sound of skin slapping against skin as his hips hit her ass. 

If they heard the quiet moans of a lady deeply wrapped up in passion and the quickening breath of the man who was driving that woman closer and closer to the edge of orgasm with every thrust of his cock so deep inside of her wet pussy. 

If they had seen the movement of him pulling down her panties, lifting her skirt up, bending her over in the moon light like the dirty slut she is for him. 

I wonder if they had any clue how,  right outside of their window,  there was a man cumming so deep and hard inside of his willing sub as her eyes were sliding shut as wetness was sliding down her thighs and her fingers were digging into the pine needles. 

Do you think they looked up from doing the dishes in time to see her stand up, lean her shaking body up against his as he wrapped her in his arms and gave her a soft kiss. 

Maybe they heard that combined giggle and shared laugh as she pulled herself together and  walked back to the car. 


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