Mother’s day

A day that’s supposed to be all roses and I love yous, what a lot of people don’t see are the tears of some others today.

The moms who have lost babies, the moms who have lost older children to drugs, the ladies who’s deepest desire is to carry and deliver a healthy baby.

We hear about those ladies and we feel for them, but what about the women who got to be the lucky ones? Who raised healthy kids into adulthood and they leave.

We should be happy and honored, our babies grew up and they are doing great- so why the tears today?

You see no one tells you about after. How it feels like a divorce. How you walk around a place with so many memories of doing things with these little people. Watching them learn, explore and grow.

No one tells you that getting your own life is so very important because that is what they are doing and soon the will leave home and you will be all alone again.

I am lucky, I got a beautiful card from my daughter and her family. I got a sweet message from my son and his family, I had many messages from friends on fb wishing me a happy mother’s day, and I spent it all alone wishing it wasn’t. Wishing I was doing something and yet just getting high and cleaning my house before going to sleep.

So what do I do to make sure next yr this day doesn’t remind me that my days mothering are over, now I am a mother of grown ups and grand mother.

But I really miss hanging out with my little kids and enjoying the hugs.

I miss the hugs most of all.


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