Ice cold steel, burning hot metal swirling together to become one while each standing on their own.

Deep breaths in, little moans out, heartbeats speeding up in sweet anticipation.

Inner whimpers on the first touch, outer moans on the second, begging for it to stop on the third, pleading for it to never to on the fourth.

Eyes slide shut in sweet pleasure as the touch continues in slow deep pressure against your skin.

The way it moves you while holding you still is beyond words, but you stay still because you don’t want to miss a thing.

The way it opens your mind and frees your soul while it binds you in place fulfills your deepest unspoken craving.

Feeding that little voice inside of your head that whispers to you.. just give in, just once more, lay back and just float while you are safe.

Sensations rush through your body like venom through your veins, the metal cools, eyes slide open, the mental cuffs come off.

Back to the real world you go but with an all new determination, new light in your eyes, cravings subside, and life moves on.




girl crush…..

So part of my phone sex job, I get to play with beautiful women. One such woman loves to write with me and I just had to share our story that we are working on together with you all.. it is starting out so hot!!

My boss saw me working late in the office, she smiled at me and asked me if I would like to stay late tonight. I looked up at her and smiled as I said yes.

That evening I walked in to her office, she smiled at me again and thanked me for staying later with her, I gave her a wicked smile and told her that I was going to sit right here on this big leather sofa of hers and wanted to see what she was wearing under her suit. Knowing her it was going to be as lovely as she is.

She walked over to stand in front of me and took off her black suit jacket and plum colored blouse, she slipped off her black heals and slide her pants down.

So beautiful, she was wearing a matching dark purple plum bra and panties, lacy black and plum garters and the softest black silk stockings. I asked her to please put her shoes back on so she slide her sexy red tipped toes back in her heels and sat down on the couch so I could start to rub her ankles.

She leaned over and kissed me softly while playing with my hair. I loved how good it felt when she touched me. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to see me, all of me so I stood up and slowly reached behind my back to unzip my black tight skirt.

I slowly let it drop to the floor, showing her my pure white lace panties and white lace thigh high stockings. I loved the way her eyes watched me as I unbuttoned my white shirt slowly, letting her get small glimpses of my tan skin and white lace bra. I love the way she took a deep breath as she saw my dark nipples under the white lace.

Smiling at her I sat back down on the leather couch and slide my fingers up her leg again to pull her feet in my lap so I could rub her calves softly.

 TO Be continued …… 


Day 31, I think,. Lol slut shamed!!!

So some of you know that I do phone sex as a second job, well last night I was actually slut shamed by a phone sex caller!!

I have a caller that is really kinky, we have a lot of fun together. So last night when you called he was like oh your throat sound so sore, sounds like you have been getting fucked by a lot of men and I just laughed and said God I fucking wish!

During our conversation it went a little bit on the kinkier side with quite a bit of a taboo but God it was so fun. Before I knew it I was coming, he was coming, and we are just both having a really great time talking about something that is extremely something most people won’t talk about.

After he came we were just kind of being quiet on the phone and breathing and talking and he actually said “oh my God, you are such a fucking slut, how can you live with yourself talking about those kinds of things.”?

I was taking aback, I didn’t know what to say, the client is always right mostly on a sex call because we want them to call back and spend their money on us.

And he was the one that brought up the taboo stuff, I just went with it and ok got off on it too a bit.

I just laughed at him and said “well baby, you’re the one that called me. you’re the one that wants the slut that understands exactly what you need in the middle of the night.”

He just laughed out loud and told me it was true, but in the end of the day- I’m still just a pay as you go whore.

Wait, what??? Well then you need to be paying this whore well and get stepping!!!!


And that voice, that voice is a voice to kill for.

When I first got into customer service I was told that I had a voice over the phone that so many people would love to hear. I just laughed it off and kept working.

When I worked at the hotel, I got some pretty obscene phone calls. That was okay with me because I like listening to man jerk off but then it started getting fun, I would tell him they had to count to 10 as they jerked and they could not cum until then, or I would tell them that they only had so many minutes to hurry up and cum or I was going to hang up and they wouldn’t get to have any fun. I knew it was wrong but felt so impowering and fun. Plus, sometimes (if it was early enough in the am) I would go into the bathroom and get myself off listening to them.

I will try to be super quiet but one time, a man caught on and we laughed about it after we both came. For about 3 months there every morning at 3 a.m. he would call we will both get off and enjoy your day I miss that that was fun.

In 2015 I found an ad for a phone actress , I called them and I went to an interview the person doing the interviews that I had a voice that could rock worlds, but I needed to learn to be more dominant.

I got the job and two weeks later after training I had my first phone call. It was amazing that person still calls me to this day I’m the only one that he calls. I am his sweet soft baby girl with an animalistic sadistic slut side and I love it. We have done so many depraved things together, awesome.

So that gives you some back history of why I love my voice, I make money with it. I make a hell of a lot of money when I’m really serious about my job. There was a time when I came home with $1,600 after just one week of work and that was only half of what I made, the company got to keep the other half which is fine with me because I didn’t have to pay for any bills.

Everybody says they would love to be a phone actress, a phone sex girl, but it’s a lot of work also it’s not always just a lot of fun. Sometimes I deal with people’s mental States sometimes I deal with helping them in a situation, sometimes I talk to men that really want to rape little kids but they don’t want to rape them in real life, because of the consequences of having a fantasy. So they called me and I play that sweet little girl that they’re going to rape tonight because that’s going to keep them from raping her.

Some calls I get off on, some calls I cry after I take the call, one time the call had me so upset that I cried for 3 hours and I took two baths trying to wash away how horrible I felt. I can laugh and joke about this job I can tell you how great it is and I can also tell you how horrible it is.

I can also also tell you that it pays my bills and gives me food on the table, and there are times I get off, there are times that I come so fucking hard that I just want to lay in bed and take a nap after the call.

I really need to start writing a Blog about a Diary of a phone sex girl because boy, I could tell you some stories.

I love my voice however, not everybody likes my voice, my nephew says it’s the worst thing he’s ever heard. It grates on his nerves like crazy, actually to the point where he made an alarm clock with my voice telling him to get up and get out of bed. He hates it so much that he actually gets up just to shut it off.

My boyfriend tells me to shut up during sex, that he doesn’t want to hear me talking, I wondered sometimes about that but- you know, it just makes sense. He gets real me, he doesn’t get the voice.

My boss at my real job had to recommend me the other day for cussing at work and then she said she couldn’t believe it was me because she never thought I would even know those kinds of words nor say them I had to laugh but I also had to agree with her because in my day job I try really hard not to cuss on my day job.

My night job though…. that “mother fucker needs to start fucking my pretty little cunt like a bitch otherwise I’m going to take out that fucking dildo and take his ass like a dirty little cunt whore.” or ” I feel so good Da**y, touch me there again, I like it when you teach me how to be a good girl”.

Lol the live of a woman with a sexy voice can get really exciting some times.

Huts so good…

So many people that are starting in BDSM talk about being a “pain slut”, but there is so much more to being a masochistic pain slut than just enjoying a spanking.

I have the pleasure of both being a pain- loving masochist and playing with one. I love both sides of that coin and there is so much more to learn as I grow in my life as a sweet sadist.

I loved the way the cold metal of the cuffs bit into her wrists, watching as her eyelids grew heavy while her breathes quietly came in small gasps. I loved the way her body shivered slightly as she anticipated the next blow of leather against her sweet sweaty skin

My clit tingled as I watched her tongue dart from her pretty little mouth to taste the tear that touched her lip. That sweet salty intoxicating taste of pain that wrapped her body up in heaven.

I heard her gasp louder as she heard my whip rise up and watched her body twitch as she felt the wind just a fraction of a second before it’s leather fangs sunk into her delicate soft skin.

My cunt became soaking wet as her head fell back, her body swayed at the force of my whip, and her mouth opened wide in a silent scream. I wanted to hurt her more as her body surrendered to the molten burn of my whip and she started begging for more.

I stood back and watched with immense pleasure as her body slumped against it’s bindings and her my flew freely into subspace. She looked so stunning as her eyes fluttered under their closed lids, her tears ran freely down her face and that wicked evil little laugh of hers started, telling me that she was ready to be taken down off of the cross and held till she came back down to earth in my arms.

I was in heaven holding her and she, she is my sweet true masochist that feeds every evil part of my soul.

Wanna play?

I know I do, I want to see that gleam in your eyes while you pull you belt out of the toy box and tell me to get my ass on the bed.

I love the way you breathe in deeply as you bring your amazing leather down on my ass. I crave the way your belt slaps against my skin making me scream in delight.

Crave feeling your hands around my throat taking my breath away with the fading light and dull thud of my blood slowly pausing on it’s trip to my brain and the way you smile as you remove your hand and life comes rushing back in.

Letting my eyes slide shut as I feel your hands sliding down my body, tears starting to well up as I feel your teeth close around my nipples and you start to nurse the sweet milk out of my breasts as hard and as fast as you can. Nursing even harder as I start to beg you to stop, as I squirm and try to move out of the way. Only to lose the battle and soak the bed with my cum as you suck even harder.

My legs shake as you grab me by the hair, force my head up to kiss you as you order me to “roll the hell over bitch”