Beat me 

Push me up against the wall and wrap your hand around my throat. 

Grab my face in your hand and kiss me as if I was last drink of water on earth. 

Pull your hand back and slap me till my eyes water and your dick leaks. 

Push me down to my knees and force your hard cock down my throat, using these pretty lips for your pleasure while you bang the back of my head against the wall. 

Force me to swallow all of you as you grab my hair and pull me with enough force to me back up and over like a whore. 

I want to feel your hand, your belt, and the dragon’s tail beating me into your submission, I need to be reminded where my place is.

Force your cock in my wet pussy as you force our toy in my ass, shoving me into subspace and not letting go until I am screaming for you to fuck me harder. 

Feel my cum and blood trickle down my thighs as you pound harder and harder into me. Marking me as your slut as you rape my sweet ass. I need you. 

Slam one last time into me as you coat my walls with your cum and bite my neck as your marked tramp. 

Slowly pull out of me and lay me down on my belly as you clean us up and tell me what a good little whore I am for you Maestre. 

Hold me close and and listen to this heart that loves you. Tell me to cry and don’t let go until I do. 

Bring down the whip and open my soul. Wrap me in strong loving arms and hold me while I rebuild this foundation stronger that it was last time. 

Hold me and whisper those words I crave to hear in my ears. 

Bring me to life with your whip make me celebrate this life with your words. 


Ma’am Straw had one of the best whore houses in town, all of her ladies were clean and very well skilled in the art of pleasure, any sort of pleasure a man may seek,  he could find it there. 

She always made sure to stock her house with only the finest. The finest food, the finest liquor, but most of all- the finest ladies.  She had a few thinner ladies for the men that enjoyed that, but mostly her ladies were large and cruvier than the average brothel girls. You see, her cliental had particular “tastes” that usually they could only fulfill at M’straw’s place. 

Abel was a kinky bastard. He like to grab a girl hard and leave her breathless and bruised. He was no stranger to walking out of the house with a bit of blood on his hands. He knew just the lady he wanted and made sure to always have her. 

Jackson was very intelligent, he got off on talking to the girl until they were both ready to pop and then making love with her quietly until they did! He was always so punctual, came to the house every week at the same time. He knew exactly with whom he wished to spend time with and always made sure to have her. 

Charles was a refined gentleman. He lavished his chosen lady in fine silks and pearls. He loved the seductive side of life and made sure that each stroke of his fingertips left trails of goosebumps down his lady’s skin. He loved to say soft romantic into her ear as he slowly slid inside of her body. 

Happy was the fun loving, joyful son of a farmer man. He worked hard and liked to enjoy his time away at the house curled up in the arms of his sukibear. They laughed and played throughout their romps and one would wonder if sometimes they didn’t cum by laughing together. 

One thing that these men had in common,  besides all loving the same whore house, is that late in the evening after they had spent their energies with their chosen ladies they would lay their head down and listen for the sounds of the other men. 

Jackson could hear Happy laughing that deep belly laugh as he quietly made love to his lady. He wondered what it would be like to have so much fun while doing it. 

Charles could hear Abel’s strap slapping down hard on his whore:s ass. He could hear the sounds of groans and whimpers, moans and screams as he looked down at his lovely’s closed eyes and wondered how beautiful they would look tear stained. 

It  was late in the late in the night, all the guys were leaving when Happy caught up with Jackson.  Happy asked Jackson what it was like to be in such a quiet room while he was fucking his whore, if it was as good as it sounded.?

 Jackson was taking back for a moment and then asked Happy, “what do you mean?  I hear you when you’re in there with your whore and you have so much fun.  you laugh, you even make her giggle.”  Happy just looked at him and said, “Yes, but just once I wonder what it would be like to just be quiet and enjoy the moment. What would it be like to just carry on a wonderful conversation. I may be happy-go-lucky farmer man but I read every night and I would love to be able to have an indept conversation with a beautiful woman”. 

Charles was coming out of his whore’s room just as Abel was walking out of his. They looked at each other and nodded as they passed and then Abel turned around and said “Charles, please forgive any intrusion but I just have to ask, is your whore as elegant in bed as she is out? I am sure her glowing soft skin must be a pure treasure to get to touch when you’re pleasing her.” 

 Charles just turned around and looked it with him with a shocked look! “Are you crazy, my good man? You have got a whore that equals no other in giving pleasure while receiving pain, why would you want to even want to know what it would be like to be with a woman who slides her eyes shut and never looks at you the whole night?”  

The men decided then and there that tomorrow night they would switch things up and they would try to lighten up a little bit by going after something new. 

Ma’am just smiled when she heard this and figured she might as well worn her girls what was yet to come their ways. 

To be continued 

Naughty thoughts 

I have been having such naughty naughty thoughts about you and I. 

About us in a dark theater, you holding me close to you and my hand on
your hard cock as we watch the show.

I love feeling that wet spot grow on the front of your jeans, I reach
up and whisper in your ear that I can't wait to go home and have you give
me have my creamy treat for being such a good girl tonight.

I love it when you take my hand in yours and rub that wet spot even harder
and then your eyes slide shut as I run my finger down your hard denim covered

So want you to take me to park afterwards and tell me it is time
for my yummy treat but that you want to kiss my pretty little clit before
I get to have it.

Love how you lift me up to sit on the toy and slide my panties to the side
so that you can touch me, so you can see me, so you
can taste me right here with skirt around my waist, my hands in your hair
and your lips on my pink ones.

I love how you lick up all the cum that comes out of me and then
kiss my mouth as you slide me down your body letting my sweet clit
hit your hard head and how good it feels when you move my hips just right so that
your head forces its way inside of me.

I love the way you hold my body tight and tell me to ride you like I do
the horse on the carousel. The way you rub my asshole
with your finger as I move my hips back and forth as I am riding you makes me shiver in delight and moan. 

I finally get my creamy treat so deep and hard inside of me, your mouth
sucking on nipple as you slide your finger in my ass and groan my name.

God, I want you inside all night long darling.

Under the moon

I wonder if the person standing there doing their dishes with their window open only knew what was going on just a few feet away?

 If they had heard the soft sound of skin slapping against skin as his hips hit her ass. 

If they heard the quiet moans of a lady deeply wrapped up in passion and the quickening breath of the man who was driving that woman closer and closer to the edge of orgasm with every thrust of his cock so deep inside of her wet pussy. 

If they had seen the movement of him pulling down her panties, lifting her skirt up, bending her over in the moon light like the dirty slut she is for him. 

I wonder if they had any clue how,  right outside of their window,  there was a man cumming so deep and hard inside of his willing sub as her eyes were sliding shut as wetness was sliding down her thighs and her fingers were digging into the pine needles. 

Do you think they looked up from doing the dishes in time to see her stand up, lean her shaking body up against his as he wrapped her in his arms and gave her a soft kiss. 

Maybe they heard that combined giggle and shared laugh as she pulled herself together and  walked back to the car. 

Make love to me

So, I went back to my phone job the other night, It was really nice being back. I really did miss it; however,  I also realized I had forgot how much work it is, mostly mentally. 

I am there to please and that need changes from one call to the next, but what stays the same is that craving to be held after it. The want to hear that I am special  to someone and that I am loved.  I have some pretty intense calls at times and I don’t believe in faking my tone/voice/body reactions, but along with that all comes the brain and emotional reactions. 

I know that I am loved and special to my family and my boyfriend because they show me every day, but after spending am hour plus on the phone hearing about/and talking about what a worthless whore of a tramp you are (on a call to get him off),  even through you know that is not true, you still crave to hear the words I love you, I want you. Not the phone girl but you. 

Believe me, I am not complaining. I am not bitching, I chose to go back to this job because the pay can be very good, the calls can be fun. 

But this week I realized just how much I wish I could not go home to be alone in my bed after some of those calls.

 I kept messaging my guy all week about being wanting to held and it wasn’t until he said it bothered him, that I took a moment to see why I felt so needy. 

I go back this weekend to rock the phones and I know in advance that one of the calls is gonna put me in subspace (because it always does) so this time I am hoping to be prepared for the drop a few days later. I have a soft Blankie on my bed and will allow sometime this weeend/week for self care. 

 My guy jokes that after a good hard screaming moaning climax I go into little space and wanna be all mushy, held and then sleep. This is very true, so hence the sofy Blankie on my bed for when I get home. Will also talk to him about this on date night this week when we have more time together 🙂 

Steps for selfcare and to be a fucking hot chick are awesome!!!!! 


Meet me by your door when you come home after a long day at work.

Reach out and stroke my face with your fingertips before sliding your hand around to the back of my neck to wrap in my hair as your other hand reaches out to wrap around my throat.

 Squeeze it tightly, you know how that puts me right into a wild submissive state and you can already smell my body surrendering to your desires.

Slide your mouth gently over my collarbone, graze it with your teeth. Bring your lips up to my ear, whisper softly “tonight, you are all mine bitch.”

Walk me into the bedroom, stand me there as you slowly take off my clothes. Kissing each part of my skin as it is revealed to you. Take my shoulders and push me down onto the bed so that your cock is even with my mouth.

Lift my chin up with your fingers and smile at me as you slowly guide you that gorgeous cock into my lips. Stand there and enjoy your own personal slut as I worship your cock with my red lips and hot wet mouth.

Just as I am about to cum from from pleasing you,  reach back to pull my head back by my hair and tell me to lay back on that soft bed.

Run your fingertips down my body slowly, stopping every once in a while to kiss where you touched.

Part my legs gently and run your tongue along my lips until I am begging to please please taste me, at that moment dive in and eat this pussy like it is your last meal on earth.

Own this clit with your teeth as your fingers start to enter me, look up and see my eyes roll in the back of my head as my legs start to shake, my ass tightens and I coat your face with my cum.

Smile down at me as you slide up my body and then side your cock deep inside of my still clenching cunt. Moan as I start to lick my juices off of your lips and then say no.

One hand holding my wrists down, one hand wrapped tightly around my throat, you look down at me as you are deeply thrusting inside of me. Stare at me as you growl out “MIne” and feel me cum once again even harder all over your cock, balls, and thighs.

Hold me down tight as your words throw me over the edge, repeating then as I scream out and ride the most intense orgasm of the night. Growl “Mine” again right before you lean down to leave your bitemark deep on my chest and cum deep in of me.

Hold me close as my eyes slide shut and whisper in my ear that you love me as I drift off to sleep. Promise me next time you will mark every inch of my body as yours with your belt and kiss me before tucking me in tightly and leaving the bedroom.

I so adore you and every touch you leave on my skin.

Phone girl Fantasies 

During my time as a phone sex operator, one way to get “business” was to write our thoughts and fantasies on a blog for our guys to read. 

I am taking a break from that career for a few months – burn-out can help very fast in a job like that and imagination need a few weeks break 🙂 

So in 

Order to keep my work there as mine, I am creating a new category here for my phone job writing- most of them are pretty intense BDSM but are a hellva read!   Have fun reading