A doll’s life too

Oh my gosh, such a beautiful better day today. 

I got my positive groove back!!! 

A few days ago I posted a blog about my gbaby’s dolls and how they kinda twisted me up, but our darling boyfriend reminded me that not all growth and life changes are bad. 

Maybe Ms. Dark haired barbie decided to branch out and go explore poly knowing that she is loved deeply by the blondes and has a safe home base with a loving couple.  Maybe she is just out visiting different swinger parties and dungeons like she used to in the past. 

Or maybe she is just busy setting up her new place and getting it ready for more fun date nights with a hot sexy man that makes her scream in delight, cry in peace, giggle in enjoyment, and makes her use her brain till it hurts. (believe me, she is so happy that there are others that meet his wide array of needs because owie!!)  

Or maybe, just maybe, they are just damn barbie dolls and my gbaby prefers blondes lol 


One little trickle of blood

Isn’t it funny how the smallest things can remind you of great things? 

Was at work today, in my office, a cute skirt on because there was no way I could wear pants after last night, just feeling my soft panties rub against my sore ass is enough to make me want to stand still today

As I was walking out of the restroom with my hot co-worker, a different,but equally as hot, co-worker said, ” excuse me , I don’t mean to be rude, but you have some blood on your leg”  I looked down at the little couple of drops that were tracing down my calf and said “oh no, thanks a alot for letting me know” as I reached down to wipe it off. Turns out I ripped a fresh little scab off and it decided to bleed even tho it didn’t last night- that I know of anyways. lol 

My hot-as-hell co worker just looked at me, smiled when I gave her a naughty smile, and said “ohhh somebody had a rough time last night on date night huh?” I just smiled at her some more and said “Yep, more than you know darling”  

Giggling, we walked back to my cube, but when I chose to stand-to work instead sitting down-she looked over, giggled, and said “I so knew you were a freak!”

Damn, yummmmmy!! Turns out she likes a bit of the kink too!! so can’t wait to tell Sir he got us caught lol !!!