Four in pics

Worked out today and also walked over 7000 steps. There was a time when I never thought I would be able to do this much, there still is when I am hurting – but I am doing it.

I will be stepping up my workouts again and actually felt sexy taking these pictures tonight. 🙂



Posted early because I have a sick little one that will be up super early tomorrow am wanting attention.

Today is something that I have an issue with also, it’s my tummy. You see no matter how large I was before I always had a flat stomach I never had that bag or what some people call “an apron” it was large but it never drooped.

When I moved in with Paul, I started drinking a lot of diet soda- a lot, and I also started eating only two meals a day but huge meals. So my stomach got larger and larger, even bigger than when I was pregnant for the first time.

Before I started hurting really bad, I did a lot of exercises and my stomach was getting smaller, but I noticed that once I quit doing as much exercise as I was, it’s starting to get larger again which means it’s time to step up those damn exercises.

The two tattoos on my tummy are the start of a tattoo that was going to cover a scar on my stomach that I got for my gallbladder rupturing. However, the scar was a little too rough and they weren’t able to finish it.

I would like to get that finished some day with a beautiful rose and flower tattoo over that scar.

I do however actually like the stretch marks because those are War wounds of putting up with two small babies growing in my body and also I really would like to get them tattooed someday into flames.

My belly button is extremely sensitive and I actually orgasmed while I was getting it pierced, I think that when I start to lose his belly better I want to go get it pierced again. All I know is it feels fucking great when it’s played with.

One the reasons I also add pictures to everyday’s post is so that I can take a good hard look at my body. I can look at both the beautiful Parts as well as the not so beautiful parts.

One of the reason I take pictures of my belly is because I don’t feel big in my belly until I look at it and I realize that I need to do some serious work on this, but it’s still so damn pretty


Today is, believe it or not, one of my fave things about my body besides my eyes.

My butt, my big firm soft spankable ass. I really do like it, even tho it is large and not the cute tight ass that is so popular, but it is just right for me and I like how it looks. I think it is sexy.

I also love how it can take a good hard beating, sweet soft rubbing, and looks damn good in jeans and yoga pants.

There is just something about it that I really like and that is a good thing because I love to stick it up in the air to be played with, beat, and taken!!!!

This next one is my fav pic of my ass, so damn sexy with Maestre’s vampire glove markings and such a pretty curve…

Yep, I love my big sexy ass that is getting even sexier with all the walking I have been doing 🙂

I have to say, I am only into day three but so far so good. I tackled the boob issue and will have others, but this feels good (in a strange twisted way) to take a good honest look at myself. Thank you!!!!

Day two in pics

There really is a reason why I’m posting these pictures so it’s not because I’m vain, it’s because I want to see the changes that a month can make anybody as long as I keep working towards my goal. But I also want to face the fact that I am not as ugly as my head tells me I am.

yes- I have fat, but I am not fat. I have a larger body, but I am not just a large person. there’s so much more to me. I don’t see that right now at this moment so facing facts, looking at my body, wanting to see changes.

thank you so much for sticking with me for this month I appreciate it


Today’s body part is something that I have a love hate relationship with, and lately dislike is winning the battle.

My boobs. I should be wearing a 46H bra but since I can not afford that, I fit them into a 46-48 DDD. Not comfy and the top pokes out. That may be why dislike is winning.

I also see so many women with such beautiful breasts and I do wish mine were firmer, perkier, and more attractive. There’s one woman who is absolutely beautiful, her tits are gorgeous and I can’t help but wish that mine looked like that, but that being said, I also understand that there other women out there that wish theirs could be like mine. I loved it when my friend said it’s not about getting what you want to make you happy it’s about being happy with what you have and what I have are two beautiful breasts, even if I don’t think so some days.

I am almost 52 yrs old, I have had two kids, I have also lost over 60 lbs!!! So yes they do hand down, that is just natural for some women.

My breasts are big, they are comfy pillows for my gbaby to rest on as well as my lover.

They are sensitive, a soft touch or a stinging slap can have me sliding my eyes shut in pleasure, moaning in delight or crying out in pain.

They are amazingly able to be played with, they do leak when they are full and I love that feeling. They take to rope and zip ties, and are so fun to decorated with bruises.

Yes, I do see those that look at me in disgust when they see my size, but I have even more of those that crave to be able to play with breasts like theses.

As for today I want am proud of my heavy beautiful breasts and I’m going to say that every day until I am proud of them all of the time, because they are part of me and I’m blessed to be able to still have them.