They crash

Walls are so easy to build and they are even easier to rebuild.

You don’t want to get hurt so you stop reaching out, but one day, one fateful day, someone comes along and starts kicking at those walls.

Just little kicks at 1st so you think nothing of it, but then they kiss you and those damn walls start to shake. They hold your face in your hands and those damn walls start to bend. They see you, truly see you and they like what they see. They hold you close one night and the walls crumble. They are in and it scares you to death but you are willing to be scared now.

Time goes on, you are happy but still learning about relationships. You watch and see, you feel the walls starting to build back up again because you don’t want to be hurt, but at the same time, you don’t want to hold anyone else’s feelings back, so you start stacking the bricks back up one at a time, you don’t want to rush this because this is yours and yours alone.

You do great until one night your partner sees thro it all over again. In that one moment, he sees the clinched hands as you are standing between them enjoying so much pain. He can feel it on your body, something is different and he calls you on it.

He kisses you and those walls start to bend, forget shake. He tells you to kiss him and the feeling of his lips upon yours once more, the way your lips cave in and can feel so much love there- it is so breath takingly beautiful that you can’t help but feel those wall crumble.

Damn it, there they go, falling down as fast the tears roll down your face, they shatter, leave your soul standing there to him bare again and you would not change one damn thing at that moment. In that one damn moment you stop and just feel. You know you are love, cared about, wanted still and part of.

Thank you for seeing me Maestre, thank you for hearing me Lady, thank you for allowing me to build myself back up again instead of those damn walls.

Thank you for giving me that one damn moment in time



“Fuckin an ass is like fucking a vacuum, it just sucks you right in.” that is a quote I heard today on a show about a man that loves to anally rape women.

I have played with men in my past that loved ass play, but none like the one I am with now.

I remember the 1st time I felt a man in my sweet ass, I was so glad he was small, because damn it hurt. I swore I would never do that again! 

It wasn’t until I was with Master H. that I felt a man lick and kiss my cute ass. Before I knew it, I was begging him to fuck my ass like a dirty whore and those experiences opened me up to experiences to use on my phone job. 

I have one man that loves to have his ass played with, he loves to let me watch him use a huge toy that is in the shape of a hand up his ass as we talk. I love it. I love seeing him  shudder in joy as he cum hard to my voice and that toy up his ass.

I had my own little silicone plug, but one day while cleaning my room, my grandbaby found it under the bed and “scolded” for earing in my room what she thought looked like a died up carrot!  This cracked me up so hard but yet was so very embarrassing. I so threw it away as soon as I could. 

Now I am thinking maybe I should have had these plugs lol. Something about those ribs look like they would feel pretty amazing going in. 

My boyfriend got me re-interested in butt plugs,  and women’s reactions to them,  when he walked into the sex store with me and hand me pick one out. I tied to go really small and that turned down right away.  We ended up getting one that I really like now. 

I wanted to surprise him with a new one and actually really like it, I didn’t think I would but it is so cute 

It is the smallest of these three and looms so hot in my ass.  I was ordered by Maestre to wear it all day during a conference and the feelings were so strange. I did not like it at 1st but about an hour in I kept feeling my ass squeezing around it and my pussy getting wet. By the end of that day of classes I was so turned on, I just wanted to get in that truck and make myself cum. As soon as I got back to the house, I couldn’t help but almost rip my clothes off and molest my own body. See- pretty huh? 

I really want to see what one with a tail would be like, and I know that my favorite caller always tells me he wants to shove a tail up my pretty ass and ride me like a whore.

I have talked to bf about this once or twice, but I think it might really be becoming a fantasy for me now that I would love to act out. 
Another one that I am interested in is a remote control butt plug (and right now I am kicking myself for even saying that because I know it will add to the interest he already has) but there is just something interesting about them

I am really wanting to explore these more lately.

I never thought that I would even even say I was interested in but plugs and now here I am researching them,  looking at them,  enjoying them,  and I can’t wait to feel it inside of me again when he’s deep inside of me.

So here is to the girls, and guys, that love ass play!!!! May you always enjoy what you love too. 

Ahhhhhhh yes

Some times a submissive needed to be held, kissed, cuddled and reassured. 

Sometimes  a good submissive needs a touch of a a reminder that they really are a good sub even when life gets overwhelming and they haven’t felt very submissive lately. 

And sometimes, a stubborn feeling submissive needs to be reminded of her place (head down ass up), her mission (to bring pleasure), and that her Maestre is serious about her loving herself and taking care of herself while following his directives. 

This submissive needed all of those things today and yet got so much more!   

My sense of inner balance has been off for the past few days (weeks) and try as I might I just could not find that inner peace I needed to right it. 

Today I was handed that inner peace through leather and steel caresses followed by tears and giggles. 

You can read me so very well :), thank you Maestre