Day 26 in pics

Being sick is not helping but I still just keep trying lol.

Today I need to remember I am doing this for me. Not to compete with anyone nor to say hey look at me, but for me to look back on and say that this is something I worked hard at for me.

Battling with huge passive aggressive feelings tonight, but I don’t need to go there, I am worth so much more that that behavior.


Day 15, half way to goal

And today what I like about me is my laugh.

My kids don’t like it because it is too loud, I laugh too much they say, but I love it.

I love how it conveys so much so much joy, so much passion, and yet- if you know me, you can also hear sadness in it when I am trying to hide it, when I don’t want just anyone to know that I am hurting about something or dealing with thoughts I don’t want to have to deal with right at that moment.

I love laughing, mostly during amazing sex and wonderful beatings when I hit the wall of pain and pleasure and break through it, when my partner forces me to breath, when he calls me the name he knows that will throw me over the edge, when my body finally let’s go and gives into the pain and pleasure when all I can do is ride the waves and laugh in joy, when my little comes out to play and I just laugh.

My friends tell me it sounds like sunshine and my callers tell me it is the wickest evil little laugh they have ever heard.

I have fought so hard to get my laugh and smile back this last week, and no matter what I am not going to loose it again.


Nipples, they are so much fun. They provide food, comfort, and fun little toys to play with.

I never breastfed my kids but I have to say that later age lactation is pretty fun. I love to feel how full they get when I really work at it, it is like when my period used to come. The bummer part is the trade off of them being so sensitive that sometimes they hurt.

I really really love how it feels when my bf and beautiful women rest their heads on my chest as we are cuddling and suck on them. I love how it feels when his hands grab them hard as I am riding him. I love how it feels when she lowers her mouth down to them to slowly lick and nurse on them as I am cumming.

I love to have them played with! I used to be able to handle rougher play, but lately they are so damn sensitive that I have to say my safe word alot sooner than I want too.

I really want to get them pierced, but am also nervous about the pain. When I do get them done I will stop working on lactation, I’ll miss the fullness but also so looking forward to trying something I have always wanted to do.

So here is to my hard nipples that make me orgasm like a mad woman and smile like a demon when played with!!


Today’s body part is something that I have a love hate relationship with, and lately dislike is winning the battle.

My boobs. I should be wearing a 46H bra but since I can not afford that, I fit them into a 46-48 DDD. Not comfy and the top pokes out. That may be why dislike is winning.

I also see so many women with such beautiful breasts and I do wish mine were firmer, perkier, and more attractive. There’s one woman who is absolutely beautiful, her tits are gorgeous and I can’t help but wish that mine looked like that, but that being said, I also understand that there other women out there that wish theirs could be like mine. I loved it when my friend said it’s not about getting what you want to make you happy it’s about being happy with what you have and what I have are two beautiful breasts, even if I don’t think so some days.

I am almost 52 yrs old, I have had two kids, I have also lost over 60 lbs!!! So yes they do hand down, that is just natural for some women.

My breasts are big, they are comfy pillows for my gbaby to rest on as well as my lover.

They are sensitive, a soft touch or a stinging slap can have me sliding my eyes shut in pleasure, moaning in delight or crying out in pain.

They are amazingly able to be played with, they do leak when they are full and I love that feeling. They take to rope and zip ties, and are so fun to decorated with bruises.

Yes, I do see those that look at me in disgust when they see my size, but I have even more of those that crave to be able to play with breasts like theses.

As for today I want am proud of my heavy beautiful breasts and I’m going to say that every day until I am proud of them all of the time, because they are part of me and I’m blessed to be able to still have them.


Oh what wonderful things they are! 

They come in so many sizes and types, some like to be sucked on gently, some like to feel that suction all the way down to their belly button!!! 

Some you can nibble on and others beg for you to bite them till the person is cumming down their legs!!! 

From light rope bondage to the extreme, hot wax running down the side in torrents to freezing ing ice cube trails, the sting of a riding crop to the gentle stroke of a feather, the sharp intense pain of teeth deeply marking property to the gentle sweep of soft butterfly kisses teasing their skin- oh all of the wonder things you can do to breasts. 

Even the hardest core pain slut I know cries out in torture when you look her in the eyes while you slide your tongue gently and softly around her nipple, smiling as you gently run your teeth over her erect hard little sensitive nipple. She shivers and shakes as thrills run down her body because she knows you truly see her, you see her as a thing of beauty and slowly torture her tits with soft touches and gentle kisses making her ride the wave of subspace but never letting her dip into it, keeping her present for all the lovely things you are going to do to those magnificent breasts. 

But, I also have the pleasure of knowing one of the sweetest ladies around that you would just like to cuddle with and baby, but inside of this woman beats the heart of a primal animal. 

She can tear you up when unleashed. Push her up against the wall, wrap your hand around her throat, rip her shirt open and you can start to see her chest heave, her eyes start to stare at you intensity as if to say “game on.” Oh that is when it really becomes delightful, you can practically feel the waves of desire rolling through her. 

You can’t help but pull back,  rip that bra off,  grab those tits in your hands and squeeze them as if your life depends on it. That’s when you can see her throw her head back close her eyes for a quick second before leveling her glaze back to your eyes. 

Challenge accepted and you better be ready, because once this passes she is going to be giggling like that sweet little again and it will be up to you to walk her through it all. But right now, you just want to hurt her; she wants you to hurt her because she knows you understand that you are one of the very few that gets to see her this way and she trusts you with her life. 

Her tits are amazing, they take that 1st slap so well, they bounce and jiggle like they are tempting you to hit them harder and you do, you can’t help but to beat them until she has cum running down her legs, tears running down her face and she is begging you with her eyes to own her. To take her over that ledge and let her fly.  Her beautiful breasts are an angry shade of red, her body squirming to be touched, and her lips whispering “thank you” or “I love you” over and over again while she is lost in her own little world and her body is completely yours. 

You hit them one time as you growl in her ear that she is yours and hang on as she leaps over that mental wall and is flying. She giggles back to life laying in your bed with your arms wrapped gently around her and your fingertips caressing her firm yet supple boobs while she floats back down to earth. 

There is just something magical about a beautiful set of gorgeous tits. And the best part, no two sets are the same!!! There are big ones, little ones, full and flabby or tiny and perky. They are all such a treat to get to play with. 

I used to worry about my larger “flabbier” ones because they are as cute and perky/full and firm as others, but they are amazing in their own way and look hot as fuck all tied up in a rope harness!!! 

So here is to the joy off all things boobie!!! They are awesome!!