T-13 days. This day in pictures.

When I started this journey I wanted to have pics of everyday to see the changes-if there were any. Getting sick threw a hickup in that but now it is time to get my ass moving. I want to be 350 lbs by April 16, 2018 I want to see the changes in my body and feel healthy again.

So here is today in pics.!!!!


Day 26 in pics

Being sick is not helping but I still just keep trying lol.

Today I need to remember I am doing this for me. Not to compete with anyone nor to say hey look at me, but for me to look back on and say that this is something I worked hard at for me.

Battling with huge passive aggressive feelings tonight, but I don’t need to go there, I am worth so much more that that behavior.


Nipples, they are so much fun. They provide food, comfort, and fun little toys to play with.

I never breastfed my kids but I have to say that later age lactation is pretty fun. I love to feel how full they get when I really work at it, it is like when my period used to come. The bummer part is the trade off of them being so sensitive that sometimes they hurt.

I really really love how it feels when my bf and beautiful women rest their heads on my chest as we are cuddling and suck on them. I love how it feels when his hands grab them hard as I am riding him. I love how it feels when she lowers her mouth down to them to slowly lick and nurse on them as I am cumming.

I love to have them played with! I used to be able to handle rougher play, but lately they are so damn sensitive that I have to say my safe word alot sooner than I want too.

I really want to get them pierced, but am also nervous about the pain. When I do get them done I will stop working on lactation, I’ll miss the fullness but also so looking forward to trying something I have always wanted to do.

So here is to my hard nipples that make me orgasm like a mad woman and smile like a demon when played with!!

10 in pics

Ok I am not liking this. Lol I forgot how hard it is to see a pic when I feel so different. I feel thin, I feel… Not this big that is for sure.

I am blessed beyond words but still hard to accept that I may never be thin again, but I will be healthier than now.

I know that exercise is paying off and it is a process

But damn my ass is hot in yoga pants!!