Day 12!!

Woke up this morning curled up with my grandbaby. What a wonderful way to wake up!

Got to speak with an amazing friend who understands me and feel so much better, we are trying to set up a group date on Thursday and I really hope it works out because mini golf sounds like so much fun.

So today’s topic is a fun one. My feet. These poor beasts of burden get a true beating. I think that in the process of losing weight, these very important body parts are over looked even tho they are the most important things.

I like my feet, I love to have the touched, played with but do not like to be tickled.

I, sometimes, like to feel them be beat upon but always love to feel them be used to jerk off with and cum on.

I had a slaveboy once that loved to worship feet. That was so much fun. He washed them, dried them, and then spent time on his knees licking and kissing them. He finally kneeled and jerked off, covering them with his cum. So much fun.

I want that again, I want to feel a hard shaft sliding through them and hot cum splashing on them again.

I also really love it when they are just being held, softly rubbed and pampered. One of best feelings in the world.

So here is to my feet, thank you for keeping me walking and for being so darn pretty.

And the most important pic, my grandbaby and mine together!!! What a way to spend a beautiful cold Saturday morning.



She walks into her quiet house looking around,wishing it wasn’t so quiet. Wishing there were whispers of lust coming from the couch, moans of passion coming from the shower, screams of delight and pain echoing from the bedroom.

She walks from room to room touching surfaces and bringing back memories of wild sex in this spot, giggles of joy in that one, moans over there, screams over there. 

Her hand comes across the spot in the kitchen where he bent her over the dishwasher and took her hard from behind. One of his hands in her hair and the other around her throat as she was gushing all over his hard cock and down her legs. 

She smiles at that memory.

Walking into her bedroom she sit down on her soft bed and looks out the bedroom door way into the hallway leading out to her front door. 

 Not such a happy memory there, as her eyes well up with tears. She remembers the last time he walked out of that door feeling that he was upset with her. 

She lays back on the bed and slowly slides her hand down her body, allowing her mind to wander back to how it felt the 1st time he touched her body. 

She shivers as her fingertips touch her nipples and moans quietly as her nails scrape against them making them hard.

Her eyes shut as she continues to rub her nipples a little harder each time till she arches back and cums.

Her breath catches as she rides these waves of orgasm, remember each and every time he sucked and bit her nipples making her cum over and over again.

As her body relaxes, her fingertips start their trail back down her soft body to her sweet pussy. She loves the feeling over her soft pubic hair being pulled and played with, wishing these fingers were his working their magic like they always do.

She opens her eyes, picturing him over her looking g down smiling at her as she starts to rub her clit, a little harder with each stroke till she is moaning his name out loud and her heart pounds in her chest.

She cums with his name on her lips, his eyes in her fantasies, and her hand deep inside of her hot wet cunt.

This is the best way to relive memories but now she wants to make new ones, so she picks up that phone to message him.

 If she can’t have the real thing- at least she can have the best phone sex in town! 

I wanna… 

I want to journal but yet I want to go to sleep,  I think I’m just way too high to start journaling right now.

Due my damn camera not working well and my gimp ass hand I have tonight,  the two videos that I made for my Maestre did not go through. 

one didn’t send all the way and the other I couldn’t hold the camera long enough to masturbate with the other hand. I will try again in the am… Still, not happy about it tho. 

Haven’t blogged in a while – but my mind is rushing to places that it doesn’t need to go anyway and have just been shutting that down the best I can.

 This pain I have been in for the past two weeks or so has been a real eye opener and humbling,  yet pisses me off because I have so much to do for the move and still need to work my phone job soon for $$$. 

My mind is running and body crashing before the pain cames back so nite nite