Naughty thoughts 

I have been having such naughty naughty thoughts about you and I. 

About us in a dark theater, you holding me close to you and my hand on
your hard cock as we watch the show.

I love feeling that wet spot grow on the front of your jeans, I reach
up and whisper in your ear that I can't wait to go home and have you give
me have my creamy treat for being such a good girl tonight.

I love it when you take my hand in yours and rub that wet spot even harder
and then your eyes slide shut as I run my finger down your hard denim covered

So want you to take me to park afterwards and tell me it is time
for my yummy treat but that you want to kiss my pretty little clit before
I get to have it.

Love how you lift me up to sit on the toy and slide my panties to the side
so that you can touch me, so you can see me, so you
can taste me right here with skirt around my waist, my hands in your hair
and your lips on my pink ones.

I love how you lick up all the cum that comes out of me and then
kiss my mouth as you slide me down your body letting my sweet clit
hit your hard head and how good it feels when you move my hips just right so that
your head forces its way inside of me.

I love the way you hold my body tight and tell me to ride you like I do
the horse on the carousel. The way you rub my asshole
with your finger as I move my hips back and forth as I am riding you makes me shiver in delight and moan. 

I finally get my creamy treat so deep and hard inside of me, your mouth
sucking on nipple as you slide your finger in my ass and groan my name.

God, I want you inside all night long darling.

Under the moon

I wonder if the person standing there doing their dishes with their window open only knew what was going on just a few feet away?

 If they had heard the soft sound of skin slapping against skin as his hips hit her ass. 

If they heard the quiet moans of a lady deeply wrapped up in passion and the quickening breath of the man who was driving that woman closer and closer to the edge of orgasm with every thrust of his cock so deep inside of her wet pussy. 

If they had seen the movement of him pulling down her panties, lifting her skirt up, bending her over in the moon light like the dirty slut she is for him. 

I wonder if they had any clue how,  right outside of their window,  there was a man cumming so deep and hard inside of his willing sub as her eyes were sliding shut as wetness was sliding down her thighs and her fingers were digging into the pine needles. 

Do you think they looked up from doing the dishes in time to see her stand up, lean her shaking body up against his as he wrapped her in his arms and gave her a soft kiss. 

Maybe they heard that combined giggle and shared laugh as she pulled herself together and  walked back to the car.