Oh what wonderful things they are! 

They come in so many sizes and types, some like to be sucked on gently, some like to feel that suction all the way down to their belly button!!! 

Some you can nibble on and others beg for you to bite them till the person is cumming down their legs!!! 

From light rope bondage to the extreme, hot wax running down the side in torrents to freezing ing ice cube trails, the sting of a riding crop to the gentle stroke of a feather, the sharp intense pain of teeth deeply marking property to the gentle sweep of soft butterfly kisses teasing their skin- oh all of the wonder things you can do to breasts. 

Even the hardest core pain slut I know cries out in torture when you look her in the eyes while you slide your tongue gently and softly around her nipple, smiling as you gently run your teeth over her erect hard little sensitive nipple. She shivers and shakes as thrills run down her body because she knows you truly see her, you see her as a thing of beauty and slowly torture her tits with soft touches and gentle kisses making her ride the wave of subspace but never letting her dip into it, keeping her present for all the lovely things you are going to do to those magnificent breasts. 

But, I also have the pleasure of knowing one of the sweetest ladies around that you would just like to cuddle with and baby, but inside of this woman beats the heart of a primal animal. 

She can tear you up when unleashed. Push her up against the wall, wrap your hand around her throat, rip her shirt open and you can start to see her chest heave, her eyes start to stare at you intensity as if to say “game on.” Oh that is when it really becomes delightful, you can practically feel the waves of desire rolling through her. 

You can’t help but pull back,  rip that bra off,  grab those tits in your hands and squeeze them as if your life depends on it. That’s when you can see her throw her head back close her eyes for a quick second before leveling her glaze back to your eyes. 

Challenge accepted and you better be ready, because once this passes she is going to be giggling like that sweet little again and it will be up to you to walk her through it all. But right now, you just want to hurt her; she wants you to hurt her because she knows you understand that you are one of the very few that gets to see her this way and she trusts you with her life. 

Her tits are amazing, they take that 1st slap so well, they bounce and jiggle like they are tempting you to hit them harder and you do, you can’t help but to beat them until she has cum running down her legs, tears running down her face and she is begging you with her eyes to own her. To take her over that ledge and let her fly.  Her beautiful breasts are an angry shade of red, her body squirming to be touched, and her lips whispering “thank you” or “I love you” over and over again while she is lost in her own little world and her body is completely yours. 

You hit them one time as you growl in her ear that she is yours and hang on as she leaps over that mental wall and is flying. She giggles back to life laying in your bed with your arms wrapped gently around her and your fingertips caressing her firm yet supple boobs while she floats back down to earth. 

There is just something magical about a beautiful set of gorgeous tits. And the best part, no two sets are the same!!! There are big ones, little ones, full and flabby or tiny and perky. They are all such a treat to get to play with. 

I used to worry about my larger “flabbier” ones because they are as cute and perky/full and firm as others, but they are amazing in their own way and look hot as fuck all tied up in a rope harness!!! 

So here is to the joy off all things boobie!!! They are awesome!! 


Make love to me

So, I went back to my phone job the other night, It was really nice being back. I really did miss it; however,  I also realized I had forgot how much work it is, mostly mentally. 

I am there to please and that need changes from one call to the next, but what stays the same is that craving to be held after it. The want to hear that I am special  to someone and that I am loved.  I have some pretty intense calls at times and I don’t believe in faking my tone/voice/body reactions, but along with that all comes the brain and emotional reactions. 

I know that I am loved and special to my family and my boyfriend because they show me every day, but after spending am hour plus on the phone hearing about/and talking about what a worthless whore of a tramp you are (on a call to get him off),  even through you know that is not true, you still crave to hear the words I love you, I want you. Not the phone girl but you. 

Believe me, I am not complaining. I am not bitching, I chose to go back to this job because the pay can be very good, the calls can be fun. 

But this week I realized just how much I wish I could not go home to be alone in my bed after some of those calls.

 I kept messaging my guy all week about being wanting to held and it wasn’t until he said it bothered him, that I took a moment to see why I felt so needy. 

I go back this weekend to rock the phones and I know in advance that one of the calls is gonna put me in subspace (because it always does) so this time I am hoping to be prepared for the drop a few days later. I have a soft Blankie on my bed and will allow sometime this weeend/week for self care. 

 My guy jokes that after a good hard screaming moaning climax I go into little space and wanna be all mushy, held and then sleep. This is very true, so hence the sofy Blankie on my bed for when I get home. Will also talk to him about this on date night this week when we have more time together 🙂 

Steps for selfcare and to be a fucking hot chick are awesome!!!!! 

Craving you

Hold me closer, fuck me harder.

Make me scream your name as you slide inside of me.

I want to feel your hands holding me down, feel your lips demanding my kisses as your cock is demanding entrance into my sweet pussy.

Want to feel your heart pounding in your chest as your body is pounding
hard against mine. 

Want to hear your breath catch in your throat as you
cut off mine. 

Feeling your hand around my throat as I see that look of
intense pleasure in your eyes right before mine slide shut and I slip into subspace and cum trying to scream. 

Waking up to feel you still slowly siding your softening, cum-coated, cock deep inside of my used pussy is one of the best feelings in the world- but
you always have ways of making it even better.

 The way you wrap me up in
your arms, kiss my forehead, tell me I was a good girl and made you so very proud makes me want to cum all over again,  right there just being held.

I adore you my Sir.